Our "new" van...
A 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport

We bought it from Virginia Beach Dodge, where Jeff Jones, our patient and alert sales representative, spotted it being traded in and called us saying, "You've got to get over here and see it!"

Bought new from VB Dodge by a Coast Guard retiree and his wife (in their 70's), it has had regular service, been kept in perfect shape, and was so clean it didn't really need to be detailed to look great.  Of course, VB Dodge detailed it anyway and it looks almost brand new!  More about specs and options at the bottom of the page, check out the pictures...

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It's the fully-loaded Sport model, with nearly identical specs and options* as those reviewed in an article I found for a 1999 model, which had very few changes for 2000.  The original sticker price was about $28K.  Current Blue Book value is $13.9K, but we got it for $11.7K.  Awesome!  The van has almost 52K miles on it, but they were gentle miles!  The owner really babied this van, and even had all the oil changes and routine service at the proper intervals!  Wow!

* Ours has all the options listed in the 1999 model example except:

  • Child seat

  • Trailer Tow Prep Group

  • Load Leveling and Height Control

  • Alloy Wheels

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