Massage Therapy by Luis Manrique... the Choice of Champions

From an interview with Don Long, 1995 NPC National Champion (1st Place Men’s Heavyweight Division and Overall Champion) on preparing for the Nationals: “I received a lot of weekly massages to reduce stress. Luis Manrique gave me thorough massages from head to toe. He’s considered to be the best masseur in Washington. He wanted to help me win the show. He said the massages would help my muscles recuperate, relieve stress and build my flexibility. At the end of the week I was so stressed out from the training. The massages relieved all that stress.”
- Muscular Development/Fitness/Health, March, 1996

From another interview with Don Long: “I have one last suggestion that I highly recommend which has helped me tremendously, particularly right before my ‘95 Nationals win in New Orleans. Massage! My left pec was extremely sore about four weeks out from the Nationals. I was scared that I might tear my pec if I didn’t take care of it, so I went to a Massage therapist in DC by the name of Luis Manrique. He ... was voted Washington’s best massage therapist. He worked on me a couple of times in the last few weeks and the soreness disappeared. He saved my training for that contest. After going to him, I was back to training like an animal. The experience proved to me that massage is very important and very therapeutic for muscles.” - MuscleMag International, March, 1996

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